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Bulk Video Uploading

Learn how to upload multiple video files quickly

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If you have a lot of content, in order to fill up your site quickly.

Bulk uploading videos via FTP to an upload folder can be a convenient option for users who need to upload large numbers of video files at once. FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a method of transferring files over the internet, and is commonly used for uploading files to websites.

To bulk upload videos via FTP, you will first need to connect to your website's FTP server using an FTP client, such as FileZilla. Once connected, navigate to the upload folder on the server where you want to upload the videos. This folder should be accessible via the FTP client and will be named "uploads."

Next, select the video files you want to upload from your computer and drag them into the FTP client window, which will begin the upload process. You can upload multiple files at once by selecting them all before dragging them into the FTP client. The upload time will depend on the size and number of the video files being uploaded.

Once the upload is complete, you can check the upload folder on the server to confirm that the videos have been successfully uploaded.

Next go into you admin. Go to "VIDEOS" then to "BULK UPLOAD". Once there click the "Process All" button. The videos will start to process. Once done all the videos will show in the "Draft videos" section.

Overall, bulk uploading videos via FTP can be a quick and efficient method for users who need to upload large numbers of video files at once.